Parcel Weight Calculator & Packing Tips

We take our duty of care very seriously but as next day deliveries are multi-handled through our nationwide network, it’s always important to pack your parcels well to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

  1. Always use strong, good quality boxes or packaging materials.
  2. When reusing old boxes or packaging always remove old labels.
  3. Always use the correct sized box for your items – if the box is too large it could collapse; too small and it may burst during transit.
  4. Pack items in the centre of your box, using plenty of cushioning such as bubble wrap or shredded paper to prevent movement during transit.
  5. Attractively packaged gifts usually require additional packaging for protection.
  6. Liquids, semi-liquids, powders and strong smelling substances should be sealed in leak-proof containers, then wrapped in plastic and held upright in a strong box labelled with ‘arrow up’ signs.
  7. Always wrap sharp items securely, to protect them from sticking through packaging materials.
  8. Always strong packaging tape or a strapping machine to secure parcels, as domestic sticky tape isn’t strong enough.
  9. Write all labels clearly (using capitals) and never cover them up with tape or film.
  10. Include both address and sender details inside your parcel so that even if the outer label is lost or damaged we can still make your delivery.